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8 Spring Wedding Tips for Your Missouri Wedding Venue

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

A sign outside of the main event center at Sego Farms, one of the best Missouri wedding venues

If you're planning a spring wedding at a Missouri wedding venue, first of all, congratulations!

The weather is perfect for outdoor weddings and the scenery is stunning throughout the state, with everything coming back to life in pops of lush green and vibrantly colored blooms. As you're coordinating every detail from the color scheme and flowers to the dinner menu and first dance song, there are some things to keep in mind specifically about a Missouri spring wedding.

Missouri Wedding Venue Tips: Spring Edition

A table with flowers, decor, and a Mr&Mrs sign in Sego Farms, a top choice for a Missouri wedding venue

1. Plan for the weather and have a backup

While often mild and pleasant, Missouri's weather can also be unpredictable in the spring. As you consider a date for your farmhouse wedding venue, spend some time researching historical weather patterns for that time of year. Does it tend to be unseasonably cold or warm? Is it usually rainy? Don't get it wrong, winter weddings are beautiful, but if that's not your thing, its vital you have a backup plan for your spring wedding.

Also, speaking of rain, it's certainly a concern at many Missouri wedding venues during springtime. Have a backup plan in place, particularly if your wedding is outdoors. Ask the venue about options for its rain backup.

2. Choose a Missouri wedding venue with beautiful outdoor spaces

Missouri, and northern Missouri in particular, is full of natural beauty. As you decide on the best Missouri wedding venue for your event, look for one that showcases the area's surroundings. Sego Farms sits on 28 acres of rolling green hills with plenty of mature trees, so you and your guests can enjoy Mother Nature at its finest.

A spring wedding floral bouquet

3. Factor in the season when choosing wedding colors and flowers

If you opt for a spring wedding, embrace it in all the details! This is a fantastic time for cheerful shades like yellow and green, or pastel hues like pink and lavender. Having said that, don't dismiss other colors just because they aren't obviously pastel or "cheerful" — muted mauve, dusty blue, and orange all work beautifully at farmhouse wedding venues in the spring.

4. Along the same lines, serve seasonal food and drinks

Spring is the perfect time to serve seasonal food and drinks at your Missouri wedding venue. Consider serving a light springtime menu focused on seasonal vegetables, light pastas, and refreshing cocktails. Better yet, you can work with your wedding planner, catering company, and/or bartender to create a special cocktail, sauce, or garnish that incorporates a seasonal (edible) flower or plant.

5. Choose your date carefully

Springtime has several holidays and celebrations that are easy to overlook, including school graduations, Easter, and Mother's Day. These may not be as widely observed as Christmas or Thanksgiving, but it's still a good idea (and an incredibly thoughtful one!) to keep these in mind when you select your wedding date.

6. Offer guests seasonal comfort items

For all of its many positive attributes, spring in Missouri also comes along with some annoyances. Bugs, blooming plants, and unpredictable rain showers, to name a few. Set up a comfort station at your farmhouse wedding venue with items including bug spray, handkerchiefs or tissues, and umbrellas, or consider giving these individually as souvenirs.

A couple dancing inside Sego Farms, one of the best farmhouse wedding venues in Missouri

7. Set up outdoor activities

Make the most of the outdoor spaces at your Missouri wedding venue by setting up fun games or activities during cocktail hour or after dinner. Cornhole, bocce ball, life-sized Yahtzee and Connect 4, or a DIY paint station are all excellent, unique ideas that will get guests interacting.

8. Have a plan for mud

Since Missouri is often rainy in the spring, it should come as no surprise that mud is a frequent issue. Mud + fancy wedding shoes = an unpleasant mess. Offer guests a way to keep their shoes protected, whether it's a walkway put down over the ground or simple disposable booties that fit on over shoes.

Sego Farms | Your Missouri Farmhouse Wedding Venue

If you're still looking for the perfect Missouri wedding venue, consider Sego Farms! On 28 acres just south of Chillicothe in northern Missouri, our farmhouse venue and events center can accommodate everything from elopements to large weddings. We have expansive indoor and outdoor spaces, a full commercial kitchen, bar, bridal suite, and a separate 4-bedroom farmhouse that comfortably sleeps up to 18 people.

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary tour, and with any questions you may have. Congrats again, and we look forward to being part of your Missouri wedding!

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