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20 Tips for Planning a Romantic Wedding You Will Never Forget

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

A bride and groom standing in the middle of a group with sparklers in their hands.
A Sparkler Send-Off is Always Memorable for a Romantic Wedding

Planning a romantic wedding can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Here are 20 tips to help you plan a memorable and romantic wedding:

  1. Choose a romantic venue: Select a venue that exudes romance, such as a beautiful garden, a charming vineyard, or a cozy beachfront location.

  2. Set the mood with lighting: Soft, warm lighting can create a romantic ambiance. Consider using candles, fairy lights, or dimmed chandeliers. Lighting is the one element that can transform the feel of your wedding instantly.

  3. Select a romantic color scheme: Opt for soft, romantic colors like pastels, blush tones, or classic white and gold combinations. It helps to know what season you are going to be married in. Deep jewel tones work for winter celebrations, while soft greens are great for spring, and warm rusts speak to the fall. Overall, there are endless possibilities when it comes to selecting a romantic color palette, but you can create a stunning and cohesive look that perfectly complements you wedding style.

  4. Incorporate floral arrangements: Flowers are a symbol of romance. Choose fragrant blooms like roses, peonies, or lavender and use them throughout your décor. You can add touches of floral details from the bridal party gowns to the programs that can complement your wedding color palette perfectly.

  5. Create an intimate atmosphere: Arrange seating in a way that encourages conversation and intimacy, such as round tables or lounge areas with cozy seating.

  6. Personalize your vows: Write heartfelt and personal vows that express your love and commitment to each other. Don't underestimate the power of this important ceremony. Hold hands and be present with one another. Cry, laugh do whatever feels authentic to you! After the ceremony have a plan to stop somewhere or enter into a space at your venue where you can just hug and kiss and cry and be with the ones you love.

  7. Include romantic music: Choose songs that have special meaning to you as a couple and create a playlist that sets the romantic tone for the ceremony and reception.

  8. Add romantic details to your invitations: Incorporate romantic elements into your wedding invitations, such as delicate calligraphy, lace details, or subtle floral designs.

  9. Have a signature cocktail: Create a custom cocktail that reflects your personalities and serves as a romantic symbol for your guests to enjoy.

  10. Create a romantic photo booth: Set up a photo booth with props and backdrops that inspire romance and encourage your guests to capture their own romantic moments.

  11. Serve a romantic menu: Curate a menu that features gourmet dishes and elegant presentation to delight your guests' senses.

  12. Plan surprise romantic moments: Surprise your partner or guests with unexpected romantic gestures, such as releasing sky lanterns, arranging a fireworks display, or hiring a live musician to serenade them.

  13. Offer a love letter station: Set up a station where guests can write heartfelt messages or advice for the couple to cherish and read in the future.

  14. Create cozy lounge areas: Design comfortable seating areas with plush pillows, blankets, and soft lighting, providing guests with spaces to relax and enjoy each other's company.

  15. Provide thoughtful guest favors: Give guests small tokens of appreciation, such as personalized candles, mini bottles of champagne, or handmade chocolates.

  16. Use romantic signage: Incorporate romantic signs throughout the venue, featuring love quotes or personalized messages that add a touch of romance to the décor.

  17. Have a romantic first dance: Choose a special song and practice a romantic first dance to share a beautiful moment together as newlyweds.

  18. Create a romantic dessert display: Set up a decadent dessert table with treats like chocolate-covered strawberries, macarons, and a beautifully decorated wedding cake.

  19. Plan a grand exit: Make your departure memorable with a romantic send-off, such as a sparkler exit or a vintage car waiting to whisk you away.

  20. Take time for intimate moments: Amidst the busyness of the day, take moments for just the two of you to soak in the romance and celebrate your love.

A Macaron tower displayed on a table.
Creating a Macaron Tower Adds a Romatic Touch to Any Wedding!

Remember, the most important aspect of a romantic wedding is the love and connection between you and your partner. You have found your forever love at last. That is huge and so magical. Let your love guide your decisions, and the romance will naturally shine through.

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